vendredi 23 octobre 2015

Cavin - Morris Spotlight - Texte Randall Morris - Cavin - Morris Gallery - N.Y.C

#Défloration##Solange Knopf#
Solange Knopf - "Défloration" - 2015 crayons de couleurs sur papier kraft
"Solange Knopf changed Cavin-Morris Gallery. I don't say this facetiously. Just before we saw her work for the first time we were being drowned in a sea of false horror-vacuui and cultural appropriations that bore no relationship or knowledge of the cultures they were so freely quoting from; mainly Vodun. We wanted some new work in the gallery but not at the expense of the visionary content we have always tried to find and expose. We didn't believe the real thing had disappeared with the commercialization of the could it? Spirit never dies. Then one day I saw a small drawing by Solange Knopf online that was made over a page from a book of decadent poetry. It struck us immediately and we contacted her and immediately felt the vast deep pool of her consciousness, this incredible mix of pain and insight, wonder and ineffable joy. Those drawings were small. Some time later her first large drawings arrived and we were home. Hers is a mind that floats through this word capturing like no other the decadent sensuality of temptation and redemption. This drawing is one from that most recent series. She, like Sefolosha and Zemankova have pushed the field to a place few female artists, trained or untrained, have gone before...Her impact on the field will only grow greater as scholars catch up to those whose work in this field is most authentic rather than generic." 

Randall Morris Octobre 2015

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